Home1These are an example of the kinds of projects we did at Yahara Construction Co. The words that have described our style of design are “stunning”, “unbelievable”, and “amazing”! The wow factor and contemporary style are unlike anything you will ever see. Visit the portfolio page to see more images of this beautiful home.

Our 35 years of experience in building incredible one-of-a-kind homes provided the client peace of mind. In addition, the team we used from start to finish were competent experts in their fields. This type of design required a skill-set very few home builders could provide and they were all on the team. This home was designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects out of Chicago, Illinois.



New home

We wanted your new house to be amazing! This gorgeous home was designed by Architecture Network of Madison, Wisconsin. Designed in a rural setting this residence is surrounded by beautiful trees with a breath taking view of the countryside. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a natural view and the exposed wood frame with custom steel brackets connecting roof beams to wall add an industrial feel to an otherwise country setting. Stunning is the word most often whispered when you see this home. We also encourage you to visit the portfolio page for beautiful images of this incredible home.




The unique design and artistic quality of our homes will lift your spirits and amaze you every time you come home. This incredible LEED’s home was designed by Richard Wittschiebe Hand Architects out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Unique contemporary homes are not rare, though it takes a special kind of designer and skill to build homes of this calibre. That’s who we were and what we did at Yahara Construction Co.

You can view this fascinating home in our portfolio page.




This stunning home was designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The unique design features capture the imagination and style of the occupants like no other home in the neighborhood. With large floor-to-ceiling windows, clean lines, and open architecture, the design of this home creates an appealing living space that is energy-efficient on the inside and cool to look at from the outside. You can view more images of this home in our showcase page located here.