Cool features for your home office

If you’re going to build a contemporary home with unique features you might as well add cool gadgets on the inside designed for the contemporary office. We live in the computer age and with mobile technology growing faster then we can imagine finding great add ons for your laptop is essential. Here’s a great gadget to start with.

These Ceramic Speakers by Joey Roth are beautiful, functional pieces of acoustic art. They’re hand-made of pure white ceramic, cork and light birch with a stainless steel amplifier. They’re designed to provide an audiophile listening experience for those who wish to get the most out of their high quality music files. Connect them to your laptop, your turntable or TV and you’ll hear a sonic difference you never knew existed.

Granted, you’ll have to spend a bit more for a peripheral like this. $500 might be out of range for most home office designers, but then again, we’re here to inspire not share a run-of-the-mill $49 set of speaker cans.
There’s nothing about these hand-made beauties that are run-of-the-mill.

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