IMG_1338 IMG_1341 IMG_1342 IMG_1343 IMG_1344 IMG_1345 IMG_1346 IMG_1348If you had walked into John Sveum’s office, you would have seen 35 years of experience and dedication proudly displayed on the walls. Projects that came alive were beautifully framed for all to see. So many projects that there was not enough wall space to show all of them as dozens more leaned against the wall throughout the entry, hallways, and offices.

John Sveum, former principal and founder of Yahara Construction Co., had a long history of excellence in the Madison area and his work remains there for you to see. Looking at the pictures you would immediately recognize condominiums and commercial buildings you have driven by countless times not knowing anything about them until now.

John was quiet and reserved and would rather have his work speak for him. As a former president of the Madison Area Builders Association, John knew and understood the needs of the client and the effort it took to complete a project.

If your dream was to build a magnificent home unlike any other home that had ever been built, then at the time you would have spoken with John and Yahara Construction Co.

You can immediately see their goals of green initiative and sustainable living practices in the magnificent designs of the projects he took on.

Each project was approached individually and reflected the client’s needs and particular conditions of the building and its ultimate function. Aesthetically pleasing with an inviting ambiance, with both the exterior and interior of a structure was how John and his team approached each project. Inherent in each new project was also the use of sustainable building practices to achieve energy and cost efficiencies over time.